pkgfe-20090228 Long time no release! Okay, here we go: + Fixed error when user's $PAGER environment variable contains arguments to the pager program. + Fix: portupgrade >= 2.4.6,2 needs -F option for portversion to show package versions. Added check for that. (Actually >= 2.4.4, see news in + Removed $PAGER from "pkgfe chkbin". Diffs: 20070411→20090228 pkgfe-20070411 + Issue with lock file, see diff. Diffs: 20070208→20070411 pkgfe-20070208 + Minor glitches (one issue with moved ports, one cosmetic UI change), see diffs. Diffs: 20061204→20070208 pkgfe-20061204 + User can now specify lock file via configuration option "lock_file" + Added ability to use sudo. There are now new configuration option "root_command_prefix" (defaults to ""). It's also automatically disabled under root + Disabled findi's description field, security issues. Added "Generating dialog..." message. Try to locate correct INDEX file under PORTSDIR + Default flags to portupgrade/portinstall are now "", instead of "-v", because that wasn't right + Placed upgrade dialog code to "do_upgrade" function + Added few programs we use to chkbin + Handle HUP, USR1 and USR2 signals too + User can specify temp file via configuration option "temp_file". Also changed temp file usage, there is now only one temp file, which gets almost alwats deleted (when pkgfe exits, or even before) + notreq also checks for empty +REQUIRED_BY files not only nonexistent + New defaults for {status,lock,temp}_file are TEMPDIR/PROGNAME.{status,lock,tmp} + Added "old_portsnap" option for portsnap versions which don't support "fetch update", only "fetch" and "update" + Added "pkgfe c" feature, which allows to edit port compile-time options (cd PORTSDIR/category/portname && make config) + Added "pkgfe showconf" feature. pkgfe can now run without any configuration options, or even, without configuration file, using all defaults + deins feature now shows if port is required by others + Changed "pkgfe find" to be more user-friendly. Who needs empty less/more when no results are found + Misc. changes: error/usage messages, new defaults, new config file with example values + Show package list on install/upgrade/deinstall + Added option "upgrade_show_new_version", which, when upgrading shows new version in confirm upgrade dialog + Misc. cosmetic output format changes + Re-enabled (fixed version of) findi's description field + Added feature that shows list of packages before every install, upgrade or deinstall + Removed removed help from "pkgfe help" and created manpage instead of it Diffs: 20061003→20061204 pkgfe-20061003 + Fixed infinite "error: LOCKFILE is empty" loop when configuration file is not found + Changes in sample configuration file Diffs: 20060929→20061003 pkgfe-20060929 + Added portsnap feature (pkgfe snap) + Added ncurses find/install (pkgfe findi) + Added portupgrade/portinstall wrapper (pkgfe i/u) + Misc. changes Diffs: 20060403→20060929 pkgfe-20060403 + Configuration file format is changed + Several other updates, changes and rewrites + deins feature Diffs: 20060207→20060403 pkgfe-20060403 Diffs: 20060203→20060207