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lang/oorexxrexx-regutil-1.26rexx-imc-[0-9]* rexx-regina-[0-9]*
lang/oorexxrexx-sock-1.4rexx-imc-[0-9]* rexx-regina-[0-9]*

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PortMissing conflictsExisting conflictsShared file nameMaintainerTime*
lang/oorexxrexx-regutil-1.26rexx-imc-[0-9]* rexx-regina-[0-9]*lib/librexxutil.somicho@matem.unam.mx1338766740
lang/oorexxrexx-sock-1.4rexx-imc-[0-9]* rexx-regina-[0-9]*lib/librxsock.somicho@matem.unam.mx1338766754
* - new value added to db, not present in all reports Created @ Tue Jun 5 08:47:58 EEST 2012